Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter #16

Hey how is it going Family!,
Dad, we went over to the Campo Family's again. They made us this amazing soup and its called consome, I guess that it is a Columbian dish, it was super good! Brother Campo made us play Sapo. I guess it is a famous game in Columbia; you try to throw rings on a frogs mouth .:p It was pretty fun!!
Oh, yeah my bad... I spelled bularia wrong. However bularse means to make fun of if you didn't get it. You never said it was just a joke to them because I was very bad at Spanish at home before I left. I just told them that you would make fun of me because I was horrible. haha! They think I speak OK, but I know I still need a lot of work on it :p

Dad told me he likes to listening to music. I would suggest you buy this CD. I sent the link to mom they are an acapella group from BYU called Vocal Point; and they are amazing!!! I have listened to 'Lead Thou Me On' one of their CD's and it is super good! My favorite songs on the CD are Danny Boy, Lead Kindly Light, and He is Born! Look them up on youtube. ( that is the link to their website.) They are sooooo good! I think you would love Danny Boy and He is Born! That would be something that I want. You should send one to Sharon also! :) It's really good!!!
My companion and I have a new date for baptism! He is super cool, we met him while he was drinking but he told us he wants to change and be better. He went to church and he liked it! He is from El Salvador and he speaks super fast, I can barely understand him!! haha.
Sad week too! We had to give our best investigator to the English missionaries... :( She is going to get baptized soon, and she is awesome. I just hope the Sister missionaries will be good to her :) Other than that its been a good week :) Love all y'all!
Elder Andersen
This is a summer sunset that I took on the way home one day :)
(Preston sent this picture to me in an email - I told him I wanted more pictures... Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!)

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