Monday, September 23, 2013

Letter #17

Hey Family,
No, I did not know that it was the anniversary of Joseph Smith getting the plates. Man, it is crazy to think about this stuff! Whenever I think about it, I get so happy and I feel the spirit because I know it's true!

Crazy story: Last night Elder Preece, Huntsman, Neilsen,  Mcory and I stayed up talking about random things. They told me a story about how they went to this house where people had been seeing spirits and feeling very weird whenever they were there. So they called the missionary's over there. Elder Huntsman just felt horrible the whole time he was there, he said the spirit was definitely not there. So he cast out the evil and then dedicated the house. He said it's feels better to be there now. So I learned how to cast out devils and evil spirits. That might come in handy some day.
This week was a crazy and fun week. On Thursday Elder Neilsen and I went and played volleyball with our Rama. (= Branch; I feel weird calling it Wards and Branches so I will just say it in Spanish) It was really fun. We also set up rides for our investigators to come to church, however those ended up falling though. It is very sad when we have 3 investigators that WANT to come to church but all of them don't have a car and they live 15 miles away. We can't give them rides or else we would! And unfortunately all the families out in the area have full cars and have no room. It is very frustrating that the president of the rama sets it up then they don't follow through. Now I can understand why the Lord wants us to work with members,  because we need to strengthen them so they can have courage to take investigators to church. I know that if we have faith that it can happen, and it will.
One example of faith:
Yesterday Elder Neilsen and I went around to all our appointments and no one was home. We parked the car and just sat there thinking It's going to be a horrible day!!!! Then I remembered what my president said "If we have faith, the Lord will make up for the rest." So I looked at Elder Nielsen and told him that we needed to go visit them all again. We did and one by one they were all home!! We ended up with 6 lessons that day, we were also able to set up for this guy that wants to go on a mission to do a "mini mission" with us next week! I am very excited for him to come, because he wants to go on a mission. It is sad because family situation is very hard, they barely making enough money to survive. He has to work to help around the house! When he comes out with us we are going to go have fun teaching lessons and all, and at the end discuss how a mission can HIGHLY benefit him and his family. I know that since Sharon and I left on our missions that y'all are blessed! I feel the need to tell him about my family and how they are happy and love that I am on a mission. I just want to show him that a mission is all pros and no cons.
I am thankful for all you do! Keep up being awesome and do what is right.
One last thing I want to tell y'all is on the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast they had a video of s family and the song is "I will go where you want me to go" was playing. I would like y'all to watch that and think about what it means. When I watched it the other day, I think it meant that we need to pray for service opportunity's or for people to help in daily life. Maybe even pray for someone that you can refer to the missionaries. I wish that more people would refer us to their friends. I have found that when members refer their friends, then those people are always willing to listen. I think it is because they can see the change and why we are so different from the members. This week y'all should pray for people to serve or people that you should send the missionaries to go visit!

love y'all and pray for y'all often!
Para siempre Dios este con vos  (Forever God be with you)
Love Elder Andersen

Elder Andersen sent me a picture. I sent him a t-shirt that I thought would be perfect for P-Day. I made Sharon a special shirt, and I was going to make one for him too (I still will) but I saw this and HAD to get it for him! We both LOVE Duck Dynasty, and this one had a great saying on it... 

"Family First... Business Second" I thought he could remember all the family that loves him and then GET to Business of serving the Lord! :) ~ Melissa

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