Monday, July 29, 2013

Letter #9

HEY Family,
How is everything at home? I like that Tianni and Carly came over for a good time, and you have missionary's over too!!! And yes to answer your question about beans and rice... I have it every single dinner appointment and I still have not grown to like it!!! I am hoping soon I will like it, but now I look at it and think "man not this again!" hahah I hope I can like it soon so I don't think that! I eat it because I know if I serve them then they will help serve me!
Yeah its crazy to think I have been here for 4 weeks!!! It feels like I just got the the M.T.C. yesterday!!! I am loving everyday here! :) Everyday I learn to love the people, the mission, my companion, and my family even more! I thought I couldn't grow more love; but I found out that I can! :)
Miracle this month: We were teaching a gentleman in his 40's. He got baptized (Mauricio; he had the baptism and wedding in the pictures I sent home), and I have seen a huge change in him! I feel the spirit when he talks to us! He goes to all the baptisms and tells the people after they are baptized that they are doing the right thing and god is proud of them! This church gets truer and truer every day;  because I see peoples lives change and mine too! I love how the Lord has changed his life! We had a wonderful opportunity to go to the temple!! It is so pretty and it looks like a castle!! Mauricio's fist time going to the temple and he loved it!! Elder Gray got to perform baptisms while he was the proxy and it was very powerful!
Oh and so yesterday was my first flat tire. We had to run a couple miles home but it is a good missionary experience! :p
It is awesome here, I learn so much every day! I am grateful for all you guys and your examples for me! Yo are awesome and keep up the good work! Love y'all! ( yes "y'all" it has got me)
Love Elder Andersen 

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