Monday, July 15, 2013

Letter #7

Hey family,
This week has been amazing!!!!  I have been learning so much doctrine stuff and Spanish things! So yeah, Dad my Spanish is getting alot better! During lessons when we are on topic, I can understand about 70 percent; but when we are off topic, it drops a lot so I need to learn more words and verbs that are conversational. I am bad at contacting -- I don't know what to talk about; in English, I can do it well but I don't know how to carry good conversations in Spanish! My trainer says that it will be like that for the first 1000 people you talk to so all that matters if you get those 1000 out of the way in your first month or after 18 months. So I a lot of time to practice! And what is sweet about my area is it is a square mile and it is 90 percent Hispanic; so I get a lot of practice. And yeah, Dad, we ride bikes all the time and I got all that stuff for the bike but they didn't give me clips for my pants... but we do also have a car because my trainer is a zone leader!
And mom, I will send my sd card with all my pictures I have and will you take it off that and send it back :) But yeah, I will take pictures of me and my companion! But this last week we had a wedding and a baptism the same day :) It was soooo sweet!  The missionaries sang 'Come thou Fount of Every Blessing' and I have it recorded so you will see it when I send it :)
But dad, have you sent the glasses yet? It is super bright here when I drive; so it would be nice to have those now :p  So send those as fast as you can :)
And about my address: give them the mission home one because we go there once a week to meetings. So I can get it then and then you won't have to keep telling them new address. I will tell the family who sends me letters often my new address! And I sent it in the last one so you guys should have it!
And Melissa has asked me and I bet a lot of you guys think about this too: YES it issss hot here!  These couple weeks it has only been about 99 with 90 percent humidity; but they tell me that is nothing to what they normally have -- So I will start to see that soon! But as soon as I step out the door, I start to sweat! It is really that instantaneous, and yes it is that crazy!!  But I am dropping a ton of weight -- my pants are starting to get loose and I have to tighten my belt a lot!!!
I am running out of time, and I love you all so much. I love getting your emails and letters; so keep it up :) I pray for all you guys in every prayer and you heard the broadcast -- missionary work isn't just for missionaries; it is for everyone. So share your testimony and convert people and the Lord will be pleased with you!
Love Elder Andersen :)

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