Monday, August 5, 2013

Letter # 10

Hey family,
To answer your questions; Dad, I should put some of the stuff on the beans, but I had some for breakfast at the Olivas' house and it was good, I think I just needs seasoning!!! But yeah, it's good. And about the bike, I just bought 2 new inner tubes that have thick slime; so i should be good for the rest of my mission :p It was about 10 bucks and I think it will be worth it!  I also got license plates for our bikes. Mine says "i am loved" and my companion's says "Jesus loves me!" hahah It's awesome!!! When I get the new sd card, I will send this home and ya'll can see it!!! :P
And yeah, I do remember Jessica; she is super cool!!!! If you ever see her again, tell her I said hi :) But how are ya'll doing?!?! (i really like saying ya'll now) I am developing a Texan accent in English and then for Spanish a Mexican accent :p  It is sooooo awesome here! We had service this morning and helped these people move and it was fun. He is from Mexico and he is super nice!!! I love the people in this ward! I might just want to go to the Spanish ward when I come back; Dad, will you come with me and we will only speak Spanish when i come back? :P  The rest of the family will be like stop :P  But I will love to do that, but I can see how different the Spanish stakes and the English wards are, it's crazy how they do things different!!
Some things I have been praying for is charity and acts of service! So today we got asked to go help people move and it was fun and it felt good!!! And then this morning Elder Preece and Gray went on a run and I was left with Elder Preece's companion and we were supposed to clean the house; but it ended up that I cleaned the house as he talked to me. The whole time while doing that I am like, "Why doesn't he do this?" but as I thought about it, I heard a voice say you asked for this not me! So this is my service and charity! But I don't really care as long as I am happy on this mission it's awesome. :p
So how are ya'll doing?!?!? I don't have much time left; but I will try to get some last things in here! I love ya'll and hope that the Lord is blessing you! I pray for ya'll every morning and night and throughout the day! :) Keep up your prayers and scripture study:) God speed and always strive to be like him.
Love, Elder Andersen

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