Monday, July 22, 2013

Letter #8

Hey family!!!
It's good that the family reunion was fun and they were asking about me. If they ask, tell them i am DOING WORK here in Texas!!! This last week we have been doing so much; since the broadcast we have been getting members to help us and this week we had 15 member present lessons and 9 other lessons!! The Lord is really hastening and growing his work!!! Me and my companions have been super busy, we leave at 1 and come back like 9:15 giving everything we can to the Lord!! HE is blessing my area so much, he is softening the hearts of everyone and they want to hear this message. It is amazing how blessed we are, i get along amazing with my companions and we just preach the word and it's a good feeling to have the spirit with us all day!
Every contact we talk to listens and if they argue with us, we pretty much prove him wrong in a nice way. I think it is super funny how they argue with us and when we do, it just shows me that this church gets truer and truer by the day! Like yesterday we were teaching some Catholics about prophets and they asked what they are and i brought up prophets in the bible and she didn't read the bible, so i was like you know the pope right? Well our prophet is kinda like your pope, but our prophet was called by God to lead and guide us. And she is like yeah shaking her head like man that's cool! So i totally accidentally bashed her; but she knows what prophets are haahh!
So this last week it has cooled off and was 80 degrees and it rained alot too! I like the rain cause it is warm and the warm rain feels good :)  Texas is awesome and i might want to live here after my mission! The people here are awesome and super nice!! Everyday i love this mission and people more and more!!!
The investigators we have are super sweet!!! One named Oscar and he is 12 and he is excited for every lesson! he wants to get baptized so bad, and he is the smartest and the only 12 year old that wants to learn more about this church! We also have these kids named Mauricio and Jose -- one 13 and the other 18 and they are brothers! They are interested and they want to find the truth! We asked them to be baptized but they said if it is true then they will, sooo pretty much yeah they will!!!! Hahah and last we have this dude named Rafael. He was a street contact and he was super humble, and we just taught him the restoration and the spirit was super strong!!! We asked him to get get baptized and he is like, of course if it's God's will and we gave him a Book of Mormon to read and i know he will cause he is super sweet and he wants to know too!!!!
Man, missionary work tires me out soooo much!! By the end of the day, i am pooped and i wake up tired but through Jesus i know nothing can stop me from doing his will! I could get shot or a tragedy can happen but as long as i look forward to him and he will strengthen me with anything. It reminds me the footsteps in the sand talk -- i forgot who is it by; but it's super good! Ya'll should read it because it shows how He helps us through everything :)
I love you all and keep up the good work :)
Love Elder Andersen

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