Monday, July 8, 2013

Letter # 6 HE IS IN TEXAS!!

Hey family,

So Monday is our new p-day and yeah! so far i love Houston.  I have grown a love and want to help the people already!  It is sweet having that feeling that i want to help them instead of here is something cool, if i really am trying to help them and they see that, then they are more willing to listen to what i have to say!
So i got here Tuesday and we just went over stuff we needed to know and on Wednesday, we met our new companions.  I have 2 Elder Gray who is my real companion for the next 12 weeks and Elder Peterson who is a visa waiter to go to Buenos Aires North. But i love them and it is awesome teaching people in Spanish!  I have learned so much in these last couple days and the spirit has testified to me many things to say to people and stuff!!!  It's awesome having the Holy Ghost as that other companion cause, with him, then we can preach and share it!
Thursday I was sick but I tried to go out and teach and it was horrible; we had to come home early.  I felt fine the next day on Friday so we taught the whole day, and on Saturday i was sick again and the mission nurse told me i had to stay home that day. so all i did was sleep and study Spanish!  and on Sunday we had a baptism with a girl that Elder Gray has been teaching for the last transfer and her name is Eimy and she is 9 and it was a very nice baptism. ( i will send my memory card full of pictures in a letter home. And with letters, i figured out when i am on my mission i have NO TIME TO MYSELF so i will probably not write too many letters :(  But i will try to write everyone once a month; TRY, no promises)
I like the pictures that mom and dad sent me. thanks :) 
and mom, to answer your questions:
 My address is: 
 6666 Chetwood Apt# 219
 Houston, Texas 77081

And it hasn't been too hot.  But at the end of the day, i am very sweaty so just a little hot!
My Spanish is doing a lot better; i can understand about 40 percent of what the investigators say cause they speak so fast. But slowly i do get more and more!! :)  but it doesn't matter what they say. i just listen to the Spirit and say what he and God want me to say!
One thing is i don't really like beans and that is what the members feed us is beans and rice and that's it!!  So i need to learn to love them cause that's all i will get for the next 2 years!!!!!
But other than that, how is the family.  I want to hear stories about you guys?!!?
Next letter i will talk more about the investigators cause i don't know them that well :p
But i am almost out of time; i only have an hour to do everything but love you all :)
Love Elder Andersen

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