Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Letter # 5

Hey Family!!!
Today was a good week :) I got a bunch of letters that brightens my day, and it was awesome! My Spanish is going so well now. I can keep a really good conversation and I am able to say a lot of things I want to say!! I need to work on my conjections before I leave so I can be beast at it in the mission field! It is so much easier to speak Spanish in the lessons because the spirit tells me exactly what to say, and if i feed through him then he pretty much tells me everything to say to them :) It is a wonderful thing to just have someone feeding you the words that some one else needs to hear in a lesson! I know that me teaching them won't work that well; but if I use the spirit I can teach anything that they desire, and what they need to have the spirit be in their lives and homes.
Sunday was the Worldwide Broadcast, and YES I am on it! If you watch the whole video ( it is like an 2 hours long) I am in the camera in 31:05-31:22 so go look for me if you haven't!! (see previous post; we put up a  screenshot) It was a wonderful experience ! It's weird we will get to use technology to teach people. My teacher said that we will probably be using Ipads and a bunch of other things to teach. I am excited about that, but it also will feel weird! Ha ha. I liked how one apostle talked about this; If you have faith and use the holy ghost, then Jesus will never let you fail. I also liked that women are the best teachers so that means all of my sisters are better teachers than I am.  (I guess :p) That changed me and I'm like man I am not going to teach my kids my wife is! I need to marry a strong daughter of God in the church! That statement helped me a lot also!
On Tuesday we also had another devotional by Janice Kapp Perry. (song writer for the church) It was spiritual and funny!!! I will tell you the funny part first, then close with the spiritual. The funny is that she told us the first time her husband talked to her, she was practicing for her recital. He was an usher and the first time seeing her he nudged her and he said "It looks like those lips weren't for just playing the clarinet" and every body in the Marriott Center laughed. Then her husband got up out of of his chair and ran to her and gave her a kiss!! It was soooooo funny!! Then we went on to sing songs and it is weird how I just realized the Primary Songs are worded very simply, but can also be sooo powerful! I can definitely feel the spirit through song!!! At the end we closed with singing As Sister in Zion- Bring the World its Truth.  It is on of the the E.F.Y medley songs!! As I sang it it just invited the spirit into me. I felt the spirit sooooo strong and I cried through the whole song! I challenge you to listen to it! It is an amazing song!!
It is so weird to think that I am leaving the M.T.C in 6 days!! I am soooo excited  for it!!! I think I get to e-mail on Monday the day before I leave so that would be cool! Make sure if you send me a written letter I would suggest sending it to my Mission Home because I will get it when I get there. :) I am glad to hear from all your guys. I hope and pray for you in each of my prayers. Keep me updated with everything!! I love you all and be safe.
Love Elder Andersen
P.S. So I learned not to leave a conversation, or a house without inviting them to do something. My challenge to you is listen to that song and I promise you you will feel the spirit. To me that song is very powerful!!

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