Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Letter #72

Hey family!
I do like receiving letters from the cousins! Sometimes I have time to read them, and sometimes I don't. Please keep sending them because I do like reading them if I have time!! :) (My dad has been forwarding Preston letters from our cousins that are also on missions right now.) 

This week was pretty sweet! We had one of the 70 come and give us a wonderful Mission Conference. (So Sorry for not telling you about the change of our P-day. It was changed to today because of the meeting and the Holiday on Monday!) His name was Elder Schwitzer, and OH MAN was it an amazing message that he gave to all of us! The main topic was about extending baptismal dates to people. He talked about how we need to make it more presentable; like we are baptizing in the name of Christ, and not getting baptized in the church! He said the reason we are baptized is for us to make a commitment to follow Jesus Christ! Then the Confirmation is for membership in the church! It was super good!
He talked a lot about his testimony about the Book of Mormon, and told how he saw original papers of the Book of Mormon! The same ones that Oliver Cowdery wrote and he said there were no crossed out words, and that there was nothing in the margins. It was translated perfectly! He also talked a lot of the different things the book has and comparisons to the Bible. The Book of Mormon was translated by a man with like a 4th grade education. He said We can't do that without a college degree, and the help of God! I was shaken and man my testimony grew so much of the Book of Mormon! I thought I had a good testimony of the Book before, but man I was wrong! It needs to go a lot more!  Haha 
At the end of the Mission Conference he bore his testimony as a special witness of Jesus Christ. That was powerful too, I really hope one day I can have a powerful testimony like him and my Mission President!

This week we found Jose Luis, but I think his friends have gotten to him. He wants to get baptized but has a lot of doubts again. We resolve doubt after doubt and it just goes on...  We told him to pray about it and he said he would! Hopefully we can help him get baptized soon!

This week was awesome! I got a special present from the Canos'! They bought me a Columbia Jersey! (like the legit World Cup Adidas one! It is super nice! They also gave me a Columbia flag! (not the flag, but it has the Seal of Columbia in the yellow) I still love it! (Picture on the bottom!) I love it and them so much!

Other than that I can not think of what else happened! It was a good week! I love you all!
Love, Elder Andersen

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