Monday, October 20, 2014

Letter #73

Hey Family, 
This week has gone by so fast from last P-day! I don't really remember what has happened this week! Of course there were a couple cool miracles that happened this week!

First, we found the Guillen Family again! We had a really good lesson with them too! They are a super cool family, we found out that they are divorced so now they can easily get married and then baptized! The kids and the Mom at least, the Dad does not have a lot of interest in the gospel. We are hoping that he will soon! They accepted baptism dates and we are super excited! The only thing we have to do is help her change her job so she can have Sunday's off and be able to come to church! We have a job lined up that is perfect for her :) So I am excited to see their progression!

Secondly, we found the Moyas' again! ( They were recent converts and the parents have been members, but we baptized the daughter) It seemed like they were not answering the door every time we knocked so we stopped for awhile. They answered this week and said "Man missionaries, it has been a while since you were here!" They talked about how hard their lives have been, and how they don't feel worthy enough to go to church. The biggest reason is that the to parents aren't married, and they don't want the members to judge them. We got in and asked them how can we help them. I specifically asked them how can we help them get married! Elder Larson and I always ask them how we can help them get married, and they always say that they will do it, but they never did. This time they asked us if we can call the Courthouse to set up an appointment, because they don't speak English! We told them OF COURSE and asked them what date we can do it... so we are helping them get married :) I am super excited!

Something funny: We were talking about Eternal Marriage with The Canos' and they are sooo excited to get sealed in about 9 months! We went on to ask them about who they think we will marry, and then she brings out these tiny statues and said~ This is you and your future wife, and left it at that. Here is a picture of the statues that she told me my future wife is! Haha She told me that I can marry a Hispanic girl if I want! Hahah! It was a funny conversation! (see picture below)

All joking aside, this was a short but fun week! I don't have to many pictures to send, I need to get better in taking pictures! I love y'all and thanks for all you do!
Love, Elder Andersen

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