Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter #74

Hey family!
So this week was good! We tried to get the Moys to the Court House to get married, but it did not happen. His work did not give him the time off this week! Dad, you should know about the Hispanic culture; if the missionaries don't do anything about it then nothing gets done! I have learned that with a lot of Hispanics! You have to ask them to do something and you constantly need to be on their backs about it. You need to tell them to do it or it wont be done. Sometimes you have to drag them to do it! In missionary work we drag people to do stuff, but we don't force them to get baptized! That is always their decision! We drag them to do stuff, or it will never get done! I have especially learned that in this ward, if we don't say anything about it and remind the people all the time then nothing gets done! Sometimes we have to do everything, but as long as it does gets done I am Happy! Hahah

So another miracle I saw this week is about Christ like Love! (I will have to put the story in the letter next week, I just don't have enough time to put the whole story in today!)

One thing I forgot to put in last weeks letter was a Family Home Evening we had with the Orellanas! We had a small lesson and the girls in the family have been wanting to play a game called Chubby Bunny with us! It is a game where you see how many marshmallows you can fit in your mouth! I asked Griselda what her record was and she said 7! I then told her I would beat her of course! She has been talking smack for awhile now about it! I just told her we will have to see! So the time finally comes down at the end of the F.H.E. and she brings out the big marshmallows! I look at them and asked her how she fit 7 in her mouth and she showed me that she has stretchy cheeks! I think I started off with a disadvantage because my cheeks do not stretch... but man I had a lot of determination to win! We go around the circle one by one putting more and more marshmallows in your mouth. I got to 7 and I barely was able to say "Chubby Bunny." (I forgot to tell you that you have to say Chubby Bunny after every marshmallow) then I thought I was done, so I put one more in and tried to say it and I couldn't! I ended up spitting it all out and Griselda looked at me and I quickly threw it all back in my mouth and managed to say it and then spit it all back out! Everyone was laughing so hard that everyone had to spit out their marshmallows too! So I guess we actually tied, because she made up a rule that if you spit them out then you cant put them back in. BUT I so got 8! I so won! Hopefully this is considered a funny story and not a gross story for you!

I cant really think of anything else that happened other than this stuff! Thanks for all you do! I love y'all so much! Keep up the good work!

Love, Elder Andersen

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