Monday, October 6, 2014

Letter #71

Hey family,
Well first to start off my letter, we received transfer calls and I am staying here again! This will be my 7th transfer here! There is something I am doing good here, or something I am doing bad and I need to correct it before I get leave! Haha. I am excited to be here for a little while longer! I love this dysfunctional ward, but man they are lazy! Hopefully "Yo puedo poner las pilas!" as the Hispanics say! In English it means "But the battery's in them!" Hopefully I can help wake this ward up! haha.

This week was of course a good week because General Conference was on! Man, I learned so much and was surprised how good it was. I think this has been was the only Conference that I did not fall asleep during! I was totally awake the whole time! Haha. My favorite talk was of course Jeffery R. Holland's about helping the poor and the needy! It put a lot in me, and I was like; I cant give money because I have got nothing to give, but I do have the GOSPEL to share! haha. When people ask me for money I will be able to tell them that I have something better than money to share! I have got Eternal Life! ahah. We will see what happens. Y'all would be surprised how often people ask us for money. I tell them that we don't have any, and they always say "Well if you are a representative of Jesus Christ you will give me a dollar." I think what I am going to say to the next person that asks me that I will ask them to show me once in the Bible where Jesus give people money!?!? I am sure they are going to make up some story or be like; Oh man, I guess he knows what he is talking about! Haha!

This week we did not baptize who we wanted, but we did get a Miracle baptism! The Aguilera's are a less-active family we always visit. They come to church about once a month. It all started out when I was looking through our Ward List and I noticed that we did not have a record for her, but she was baptized before. I asked our ward clerk and he said that she doesn't have a record, so she needs to get baptized again. I called the Mission President and he called Salt Lake to check and said her records are not there so go ahead and baptize her! I was like OK! So the good streak with baptisms continues! We could possibly have another one next week with Aracelly Alveranga!

Aracelly was supposed to be baptized this week, but her passport expired so she could not get a marriage license and we could not do it this week. She has an appointment today and hopefully we can get all this situated so she can get baptized this weekend! 

About Jose Luis; we haven't seen him for a week, it seems like he fell of the face of the earth. They told us they were moving, but that they would keep in contact with us. I don't know whats going on with that... hopefully they haven't moved yet so we can help them out. They have been going through a lot!

This week we are going to have to find a lot of people to teach because we have already baptized everyone we have been teaching! Haha! I know with the help of the Lord we will find people!

Thanks to everyone for what y'all do for me! Y'all are in my prayers! I wish the best for you and hope you take something from General Conference and apply it to your life! Love ya!!
Love, Elder Andersen

Here is a picture of the baptism!
Here is a picture after we worked on the Cervantes car... man it was hard and dirty!

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