Monday, August 4, 2014

Letter #62

Hey Family,
This week has been pretty good. We only had 27 lessons I believe, but we had a lot going on. We found a couple of new people to teach! To respond to Ian's question; we teach a lot of part-member families. We have the most success with them. What we are trying to do is have members invite their friends over when we come to teach. It is going really slow, but that is how our Mission President whats it to go. 
This week we had The Stake Presidency in our ward. Our Bishop just got released (he was only bishop for about a year and a half) We know pretty much what he did to get kicked out, and man I knew there was something wrong with him from the start! The Stake Presidency told us that our Ward is just dead. We know this because they literally do nothing, (we knew this for the last 7 months of being here) They will be helping us out a lot the next couple of months to get something going in our Ward. Lately we have been going threw a hard time! We got really good support from our leaders, and I have a appointment with my Mission President. I was going to tell him what the Bishop was doing, and what has been going on in the Ward, but it seems like he already knows some of it. I am happy that we will start fresh and hopefully be able to help the people in our ward.

This week will be good! We are taking the Canos' to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. So the story I shared with y'all last week about Sister Cano is going to come true! She will be able to get baptized for her mother! We are going Wednesday and I am so excited! To answer Mom's question; We will find out in a couple of months if they have to go back home or not. I really hope they can stay! I feel so bad for them, we practically visit them every day! I call them my parents, they always tell me that they would adopt me and call me their Colombian baby! Haha I told them that I was going to go visit Columbia with them! They want to take me after the mission so that would be super sweet! It is funny, because every time we see them I call her "Mom" and she calls me "hijo" (son) so I feel pretty much like they are my family here! This is definitely my hardest area I have been in, however I think it is also my funnest! I have meet so many people here, and have made so many friends! It is going to tear me apart if I have to leave it soon! I hope I can finish my mission here! :)

Nothing much else really happened this week, but just know that I love y'all and y'all are always in my prayers!
Love, Elder Andersen

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