Monday, August 25, 2014

Letter #65

Hey family,
This week was really good; first off, what happened that made me really happy is that we received our calls to see who is leaving and found out that i am staying here for another 6 more weeks :)  By the end of that,i will be here for 9 months :)  I love this area even though it's pretty difficult! But me and Elder Jarvis have been thinking and we should have at least 5 baptisms this transfer, so i am very excited to see this!

We talked to our leaders in the ward and still no news on the new bishop, it makes things a lot harder, because nobody wants to do anything because they are like, well, we don't have a bishop so why try! Which is horrible, and we already have people in the ward that have stake callings that talk bad about the old bishop! So hopefully we get a new one soon!

And dad talking about Rivercats reminds me that i was telling some people in the ward about baseball and they said we need to play baseball so we have a game scheduled for labor day (and btw my Pday next week will be on Tuesday).  And they are like, Elder Andersen i hope you stay so i can go play, i am super excited to all i need to do is find an investigator to come play with us! so hopefully we can find some new people to come! But man i miss those days at the Rivercats was so fun! i definitely miss baseball alot! I get to play catch with the 1st counselor in the bishopric; so that's cool!

And dad, i do not remember who the Presslys are, or their daughter Jamie... do you have a picture of them, maybe i can recognize them, but it doesn't seem familiar at all! But it's good to hear that alot of missionaries are leaving on their missions! The mission is the best, i am going to bawl all night the day i get home! ahah But i didn't know that Trevor got his call and has left already; that's sweet! 

I heard about the new video, i talked with the sisters about it because they went on the going home trip to the temple and  they told me all about it, so it was cool to hear! i haven't been for about 4 months, so I'm due to do a session! i have been learning alot about the gospel lately, reading alot of talks about the atonment, one of the good ones is by M. Russell Nelson, he talked about it and different languages and it put alot of thoughts in my mind! When i think of reconcilliation in English, it translates to re- again, con-with, cillia or close to silla- to sit or chair and in spanish the root words mean to sit again with, like when we make it up to the heavens and through the atonement of christ we will be able to sit on the throne again on the right hand of god or something close to that, so it's cool to think of it in that way! But studying in 2 different languages is cool because sometimes different words have different meanings so you have 2 ways to look at it sometimes!

this week was really busy we had 29 lessons, and we have members asking so much of us, we are running in every direction to help everyone out, i hope this hard work pays off :)
Love all y'all
Love Elder Andersen 

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