Monday, August 18, 2014

Letter #64

Hey family,
So this week was a fun week! All of the weeks are normally fun, however this week we were able to go to the chiropractor! My companion has something wrong with his neck and has to go there once every 6 weeks. I told myself that I might as well get a massage too because it is free! So I did! Haha. I feel amazing now!

To answer your question Dad; we have not gotten a new bishop yet. They are still finding out who would work out so we are still in a wait for that! I hope to find out next week if i get transferred or not. I don't think I will, I actually hope that I wont! We are finally getting things started here, so I pray that I don't have to leave yet. In a month we will have about 3 people to baptize so if I leave now I would be a little upset to tell you the truth! Haha. If I have to leave it is because God needs me in another place! 

There wasn't too much that went on this week. We taught a lot of people, and we are trying to help the ward. All the members ask a lot of us missionaries. They have asked us to visit everyone on the ward list to see if they live there or not. I was thinking to myself like that isn't our responsibility... at times I feel like I am the "Dad" of this ward! haha. I have to tell the leaders how to do their jobs, and i think it is kinda sad sometimes. We were talking to the First Counselor about who he thought would be the next Bishop and he doesn't really know. I told him it would be him, and he said he has to be a resident of the USA first. Then I told him if that was the case then nobody can be the Bishop of the ward except the one white guy that married a Hispanic girl. The only thins is that he is moving in about 3 weeks... and then he said to me "Well Elder Andersen, it looks like you will be the new Bishop!" and I just laughed and said "No Way I could do that!" Haha. So now when we go to visit all the members in the ward they ask who we think the new Bishop will be and then they all say it will just have to be me. So I really hope they don't call missionaries to be Bishops! I know sometimes in different places they have been called to be like a Branch President, but I have never heard about one being a bishop! All the members say "Hey, you have been here 7 months, so there is a reason you have been here so long, and that reason is to be bishop!" I just laugh. I do  hope I can stay longer in the area. I think I will be here one more transfer and then be out but we will see! 
Not much more I can think of to tell you! I love y'all!!
Have a good week!
Love, Elder Andersen

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