Monday, February 3, 2014

Letter #36

Hey family,

So as y'all know, I have been transferred and this is my new address:

12735 Whittington Dr # 1
Houston, TX 77077
This area is super big and it's a "bike area". We live 10 minutes away from our area on bike and the farthest part in our area is an hour by bike! Unfortunately for us that is where most of our investigators are; so it is going to be crazy!!!! haha

I love my new companion -- his name is Elder Cassiano and he is from Guatemala! He speaks perfect Spanish and helps me a lot! haha  This week I really have grown to not like the bishop! I heard many stories of how bad he was and I was like ok; I have to give him a try. Well I gave him a try and he FAILED!!!! He doesn't let us participate in Ward Council, but he will talk to us in PEC.  When we tried to ask what we can do to help these certain families, he skipped over us on purpose and went to the Sisters! He is soooo horrible; but that's not the worst part!!! We had an investigator moving and he told us that he got people to help and them move; then he cancelled 15 min. before, and now she is locked out of her apartment, without her stuff. So I don't like him one bit!

I don't have much time left; but I will send a picture of my companion and I next week. I'll also tell you more about other things on my mission. Just know I love y'all and y'all are always in my prayers!
Love, Elder Andersen

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