Monday, February 10, 2014

Letter #37

Hey Family,

So to start off, I am sending a picture of my companion before I forget it! The picture is of Elder Cassiano. He got pooped on by a bird, it was funny so I had to take a picture of it. The funniest thing for me is that he looks like Clint Thomas!!!!

This week was pretty cool! Even though we have been walking around this week; we left our bike at a members house and we could never catch them home to get them back so we just walk everywhere now! haha My feet are getting tired by the end of the day! Oh and Dad, in Columbia did y'all talk in "vos"? (Not Vosotros but vos. It's kinda like Tu but  different). Elder Cassiano is teaching me, and it is so fun to learn! I talk to all the missionaries I know in vos and they don't know it or understand it. I will have to teach you later if you don't know it! haha I know Mexicans don't talk in that form. but I guess all the other countries talk in it!

Whenever we go to Walmart to shop lately I see something about the Winter Olympics! I want to see it soooo bad, and I want to snowboard really bad too! That is one of the things I am going to do when I get home :) Hopefully there is snow at the beginning of May!!! :p Being in this area really makes me appreciate everything I have. My companion is from Guatemala and his family is poor. He tells me all his stories from home and I'm like man I never went through anything like that! I have realized how lucky I am in my life!

This week was super cool! I meet 2 people From Bogota Columbia. I talked to them for awhile, one was an O.Y.M. and one is a member and he loves me! I told the member that my father served in Columbia on his mission, and ever since I told him now he likes me. I guess you have to make good connections with them. I have been meeting the members here and they are so cool! I still don't like the Bishop, but everyone else is super cool!!! There is a family in our area named the Cervantes' and they are so nice. They have 4 girls and one baby boy that's 5 so it's kinda like our family! haha They are from Monterrey Mexico and everything I see them in reminds me of Addicion (a group that follows the Monterrey soccer club around)! They are a die hard fans of them, and every time I go over I make the sign and say Addicion! The member's here are really nice and friendly, and this area the members like going out with the missionaries! We also get a lot of member presents here!

Cool story of the week:
We had this investigator and she is super cool. She wants to get baptized and she wants her husband to have a better relationship and to be better. She invited her husband to talk to us and we taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ, and HE LOVES THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!!!! After our lesson he asked "What do I need to read?" So we left him with a bunch of scriptures to read... and he read them in 2 days! We went back and taught the Plan of Salvation and emphasized that we can be together forever. I asked him is this a goal for you; to one day be sealed for eternity with your wife and your kids?!?!? He was like "Yes!" so we told him his first step is baptism and he accepted a date! Sadly he has to work so he can not go to church! But we invited his wife to the devotional, and I would suggest all y'all to go to one too. They are really fun, and soooooo spiritual! We have recent converts give their testimonies and then we have a member talk, this time our member did sooo good! He told about his conversion story and the spirit was strong! It is defiantly a testimony builder to me showing that god loves us and wants all his children to be happy! The church is true! My Mission President tells us that every time he sees us! I know it is! There is no way its false! My testimony has grown so much since being here and I still have so much more to go! I love my mission and I might never want to go home :p ahah 

I love y'all! Keep up the good works!
Love, Elder Andersen

Elder Cassiano

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