Monday, January 27, 2014

Letter #35

Hey Family,
So, YES! I found out, and I will be getting transferred this week! I will find out Wednesday where I get to go, and next week I will email y'all my address. (so y'all can continue to send me wonderful letters) :P haha Of course I am sad to leave this area because I have so many good memories, and helped so many people here. However, I  know the Lord has a better plan for me right now, and I can't argue against that! haha 

That is the best to be able to go to the temple, like I told mom in one of my last letters; that is one of the first things I want to do when I get home from my mission! It is defiantly something to be in the temple, and especially feeling that there is a presence of that person you going through for is the best too! 

So the best week was this week! I have been on many exchanges teaching this guy named Ricardo Grimaldi! His wife was baptized last year and he just didn't quite accept the gospel yet. He was baptized on Saturday! It was super spiritual. The coolest part was it was Hermana Baers last week in the mission (like she goes home today) and he got baptized this week so she could witness him get baptized. We planned this one so well. The wife really wanted a temple marriage, and has been talking to him all the time about it. He knew that he needed to get baptized if he wanted to be with his wife forever! So we did so much to help them out and I have taught him a couple of times. He loves the missionaries. I was able to stand in the circle when he received the Holy Ghost. The thing that got me the most is we planned to sing Family's can be Together Forever, I was crying in the middle of the song, and then he and his wife cried. Everyone in the room cried and the spirit was sooooooooooooooo strong. It was sweet because he had family that are not yet members there so that will be good for them! It was an amazing experience for him to get baptized! Man I love Baptisms!!!!! The best moments on the mission!
Have fun! Love y'all
Con amor, (with love)
Elder Andersen

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