Monday, October 21, 2013

Letter #21

Hey Family,
This week has had its ups and downs, like all weeks. However, I know that we all can grow from these experiences. We just need to rely on the Lord and keep doing what he wants us to do, and he will help us through all of our trials.
No, I did not go to the Football game! I really wanted to, but we had Stake Conference. It was AWESOME!!!!  Saturday at the Adult Session it was very powerful! One thing that I received revelation was for one of our members. She has told us that she really wants to get her Patriarchal Blessing. She needs to ask the Stake President for it! I know that I need to help her with this because she has a chavo (bum) husband that works and comes home and does nothing. He isn't progressing to the Melchizedek Priesthood so he can bless his 4 month old daughter. He is holding her back so much! She is an awesome member and they are active, but he just never prays or reads scriptures! So I feel like part of my reason here in Kemah North is to help that family because I know that they love me :)
Another other cool thing about Stake Conference was as a surprise the Missionaries sang in with the choir. The choir started singing an E.F.Y. melody, then we all stood up and walked to the front of the stage and we joined with them. After the meeting was over we had lots of investigators asking "What was that feeling they got when we sang that song!?" A ton of the members also came to us and told us that they feel the spirit so strong when we sing! I love singing, but I am not good at it! :p
But Miracle for this week! We meet this guy from the Dominican Republic (he looks like he is from Africa with dreads and everything... haha) He only speaks Spanish! We had a very powerful first lesson with him and we are going back tonight to extend a baptism date He has only been here for a week and he told us it's not an accident that we met him! He knows that we are the real deal!!!
Keep up the good work and I love all you!!!
Love Elder Andersen

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