Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Letter #19

Hey Family,
Well to start this off, YES General Conference was amazing!!!! All the talks were amazing, but my favorite quote was from Edward Dube. His story about when he was in the cotton field struck me; he said "Never look back, always look ahead of what we have to do". When I heard that my eyes opened big. I have always reflected on how I was last week, and what I did. Always thinking of things that happened in the past, but after hearing that talk I was like; Man It's all about NOW!!! It feels the same that I can't look back and think of stuff, I have to act on things now. One of my new goals is to forget the past and focus on what I need to be doing now. One goal our mission set was to baptize 1000 people this year. It really hit me that I need to be focusing on hitting that goal and other goals too. Of course there are small goals I need to work on to eventually hit that goal, but we need to always be setting and trying to maintain our goals so we can achieve them.
This is something I can use for my investigators and the members. I have told you about Josh Amezquita before. He is 20 and he wants to serve a mission, but he is kinda "in the world" right now. He is trying to save up money for his mission, but all his money is going into the house and fixing his rice rocket car. Elder Bushman and I are trying to get him to set short term goals to obtain it. He is always bringing up things from the past, and saying he can't do anything. Some of his problems are that his family doesn't have money, and won't be able to afford for him to go. I am going to tell him that the Prophet just asked us to donate more so that we can have more missionaries serve. Hopefully that will help him, but he has some work to do. I just need to promise him blessings, and he will go; but it will take some work though :) I am excited to work with him and help him out! :)
I know that God puts people in our way, this week we randomly parked next to this guy and we started talked to him. He was saying that he wants to change. We told him that we didn't park there on accident; that God lead us to him. We ended up trading his beer for a picture of Jesus Christ and we poured out his beer and threw it away. He seems like he really wants to change and be a better person. I am really excited to go see these people that the Lord has blessed and prepared for us to teach them the gospel.
I love y'all and keep up the good work :)
Love Elder Andersen

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