Monday, August 19, 2013

Letter # 12

Hey Family :)
It is good to hear that you are free and now don't have that many worries in the Stake Presidency. I know that everyone does really appreciate all the hard work you did! You do so much for the church and God is very happy with your service. Now you aren't done with anything, you still have to serve for the rest of your life and throughout Eternity so don't get to rested up! :p (My father was released from the Stake Presidency in Stake Conference this last weekend and he let Preston know about it in his letter.)
So I wondered if y'all guessed where I was going, but hurry and take a guess...
I am in Galvenston!! I am opening a new area with Elder Neilsen. He is also from Sacramento, CA. He went to Granite Bay High School and he is pretty cool!! We are opening a new area and it is very hard!!! We have one member in our area and like 5 in-actives. The in-active members open the door and yell at us and tell us how we are wrong and then slam the door! So pretty much what we do is just talk to people on the street and teach them about the Restoration of the Gospel. Sometimes they want to hear more so now we have made some progress. It is hard moving from my last area teaching 27 lessons a week and then this week from Wednesday to Sunday only teaching 11. I know that is like 22 a week, but I feel like we need to work harder. I have very high expectations for me since I had the opportunity to serve with Elder Gray! BUT we do try hard and we have about 5 investigators now and hopefully we can bring them closer to Christ. (Click here,_Texas for info on his new area)
We are not on the Island, but we are pretty close. I actually went on an exchange with someone on the Island; it was super fun!!! We taught about 5 lessons then we saw a less active playing soccer and we went and played soccer with him and his friends. We walked away trying to talk to others around and these black people challenged us to a game of basketball. We were shooting around and the other 2 missionaries and I acted liked we sucked. So they challenged us to a game and then we destroyed them! We had Elder Miles who is 6'4. He turned down scholarships to go on a mission so we destroyed them! We should of had a bet like if we win then we can go to your house and teach you lessons! I thought of that after we won. haha. After they asked us if we were the missionaries on you-tube; and I was confused. I guess there is a big video on you-tube of missionaries beating some people in basketball. So check that out :p
(THIS IS NOT PRESTON, this is a link to the video he is talking about. turn down the sound there is some questionable language)
And yes I received my package and it was amazing!!! I loved everything in it :) Thanks for everything you do for me and others! :)
Keep up the good work and all y'all remember to read your scriptures and pray every day because God wants us too! :)
Love Elder Andersen

One more thing I want the family to know is that we need to have faith! Faith that the Lord can lead us to were we need to go, what to say, and how to act! I will forward my president message to you. Its super powerful!! Just remember y'all need to have faith then act!!

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