Thursday, June 20, 2013

Letter #4

To respond about the game cube it is in my backpack in crystals house or it would be at our house in a backpack! But IDK for sure!
But hello family!!!
This week at the M.T.C. was really good! I have been doing really well with my Spanish! We do this thing called S.Y.L. which means "speak your language" and so we talk all we can in Spanish till we can’t talk anymore!!  I am getting really fluent and I just need to memorize the different congregations in Spanish that takes me about 5 seconds to think which one it is and I do it but the more I talk the better is sounds!
I taught a T.R.C. which is like family home evening. We taught this older lady and I prayed for the spirit in the prayer and the spirit just guided us. I understood every last word she said and I talked so well to her! I felt like we had to talk about Joseph Smith and the restoration and then I shared a couple of my favorite scriptures and it was very powerful! I know if I stay worthy then the spirit can guide my companion and I to what the investigator needs, and help them to answer their prayers! It  is the best thing to see them smile and to feel the spirit! I can’t wait until I get out in the field so I can really bring them unto Christ and invite the spirit to be with them always.
My companion and I are doing really well, the first couple weeks we didn’t know what to do. Lately we have been rocking it! We learn a lot of Spanish and talk about 70 percent of our conversation in Spanish! Our favorite thing to tell to the English speakers that hold the door for us is deme besos which means give me kisses and they smile and say you’re welcome. We also say deme cossquias and I know if it is spelled that wrong but it means give me tickles!!! It’s so funny to talk to people that don’t  know Spanish because they thing we are saying Thank You but really we are messing with them! ha-ha
It is so hard to think that I have been here for a month!! I have grown spiritually so much and physically... I gained 10 pounds :) I know I will drop it like crazy in Houston!! I have been eating better and I dropped some, but I might get back down to my normal weight... I have learned so much on this mission!!! It is so awesome! It is so crazy how much I learned doctrine wise and Spanish wise! I know the Lord has helped me with everything and without him I am nothing!!!
I really like this quote by some apostle I forgot who it was! But it pretty much just says as a missionary we are on a higher plane in thought and actions. That we are set apart from the world and we can perform miracles!!! I love it but I know that I can only do it through my Heavenly Father and he will strengthen me so I can perform in his name. Only through him I can!
Yes, I saw Morgan and we talked a little of Spanish. I was so happy to see him I couldn't express everything in Spanish!! ha-ha It was awesome! I only saw him once before I leave I will go see him again I know  where his classroom is now!! It was so good to see a familiar face!!! :)
I want all you guys to know that I am glad to have a loving family that supports me in everything I do! I can never really express how grateful I am for it!! But I pray constantly for you and I know the Lord blesses you in many ways that you can’t imagine!!! If you ever have a problem you can turn to the Lord and I promise you he will help and guide you! I know that for a fact because he has guided me and helped me in everything I do :) Keep the letters coming and remember I love all you guys and I pray for you guys daily!!!
Love Elder Andersen

Hey family, i forgot to tell you i will be in the choir for this big broadcast this Sunday.  So check it out and look for me :)
Love Preston
P.S. forward to other family!!

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