Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Letter #3

Hola Familia, 
lo siento, yo no veo sharons carta porque it wont download!!! i will speak like a gingo because i promised my teacher i will use as much spanish as i can so dad might have to translate this all to the rest of the family :)))). yo soy aprendar much espanol esta semana, porque yo tengo no bien experiance con mi investigador en el premero semana( beginning of the week, hope its right or got what i said). mi y mi companero no endendemos sobre el investigador nesasitas.el quieres saber sobre como dios amoroso (can)  el ayudas. We thought he said something completely different then what we thought he wanted.
Hello Family,
I'm sorry, I can't see Sharon's letter because it won't download.  I will speak like a Gringo because I promised my teacher I will use as much Spanish as I can, so Dad might have to translate this all to the rest of the family :)))).   I am learning a lot of Spanish this week.because I didn't have a good experience with my investigator at the beginning of the week.  My companion and I didn't understand the needs of our investigator.  He wants to know how a loving God can help him....
(Sorry I am typing in English now, it took me a while to think of that in Spanish haha) But yeah, he wanted to know that god loves him and how to find out. We thought he said he didn't want to pray, so we went on in the lesson. After the lesson the teacher pulled us out telling what he wanted because he knew we looked frustrated... but we got everything situated and everything is good, it made me work harder.
We had a devotional last night in the Marriott  Center (first in M.T.C history) and it was Mervyn Arnold from the 70. He said one thing that hit me: I need to leave all my personal affairs home and put my trust in God and Jesus Christ. I thought about that on my walk to District Meeting; then we all shared something and my District Leader said something where I got revelation. He said that we are nothing without God and Jesus Christ. If we put our trust in the Lord and  Jesus we can perform miracles! I felt the spirit really strong and I heard a voice saying "trust me" and I know that Jesus witnessed to me that I need to put all my trust in him and I can do miracles through him! I am the Lord's vessel right now!!! That really made a huge impact on me the last 16 hours! I am still in "spiritual mode" and still shocked that I heard a voice so clear in my head to just believe in him!!!
Dad about the glasses; I don't need them now. We are not aloud to wear them in the M.T.C., so just send them to me in the field! Thank you for getting those for me! :))
In his talk he also spoke about gifts and talents. During high school I thought I only had sports or academics as my talents; but it is way more than that!! I have been pondering that lately and I found out I have a loving family, loving friends and girlfriend. Lots of people who support me in all that I do! A family that will never let me down and is willing to do anything for me!! I also found I have the gift of weeping... when I feel the spirit I cry like no other! haha. I also have the spirit of knowledge and remembrance. When I hear something I can remember it really well, and lately I can see I have been developing the gift of tongues. I know I would be nothing without the spirit and God helping me out with this super hard language! I would like to challenge you all to ponder on your gifts; mainly spiritual! I feel the spirit when I think of mine, and it is the best feeling ever!! :) That is the challenge to the family.
yo se que la ingesia is verdadera y no dudo in me cabeza la inglesia falso.yo se que el libro de mormon es verdadero y la palabra de dios. yo se que jose smith es el primero profeta en esta dispensacion. yo se que el espiritu santo gui me todas dia y me ayuda in mi vivo. yo se que el profeta ora por los missionaros y mi familia todo tiempo. yo se que mi salvador me ayuda y guiarme todos tiempo.  esta testimonio me ayuda a vivir feliz y volver vivir con dios otra vez. dijo estas cosas en el nombre de jesucristo, amen.
I know that the church is true and have no doubt in my mind.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and the word of God.  I know that Joseph Smith is the first prophet in this dispensation.  I know that the Holy Ghost guides me every day and helps me in my life.  I know the prophet prays for the missionaries and my family all the time.  I know that my savior helps me and guides me all the time.  This testimony helps me to live happy and return to live with God again.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.
Elder Andersen (or Elder Preston to dad)
P.S. Dad your Fathers Day letter will be sent today, but your present wont arrive for a little bit....
and P.S.S. Ask Aaron, Carly and Adele and the rest of my friends if they want to read my letters then forward it to them too :)
P.S.S.S. You guys are in my prayers all the time :) 

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