Monday, November 17, 2014

Letter #77

Hey Family,
This week is just full of crazy stuff! First, my companion is leaving the area which means that I am staying here for another transfer! I don't know what to think of that! I am kinda happy, but also kinda sad at the same time! I think I just want a new start out here! I am pretty sure the next transfer I will leave, but we will find out I guess!

It is starting to get a little cold out here in Houston! I will have to send a picture at the end of my letter! We visit the Cano's every day, and the husband is always working so we sit outside to give the lesson.  MAN it is cold being outside! They bring us out blankets as you can see in the picture I am sending! Today I bought some thermals, a beanie and a scarf to help keep me warm! For about 4 days I wore my PJ's under my clothes to keep me ward! It was still cold and they made my legs look huge! Haha! Luckily my pants are getting smaller because I was able to fit my PJ's so I am happy about that! Haha.

On Monday we had a Zone Activity. We played some games and it was a lot of fun! As some of you may know, as missionaries we like to buy the weirdest shirts and bring them to activity's. In fact I have a lot of weird shirts to bring home to show y'all! So recently on our p-day we went to Rue 21, it was just after Halloween and so all the stuff for Halloween was discounted! Most of the things were like $3.00! Of course I had to buy a costume at that price! I  bought a Robin costume... it comes with a cape and I think it is super cool! I will have to send a picture of that one too! It is funny how the missionaries like to dress at these activities! I have found some outrageously funny shirts... like today i saw this awesome shirt with Spongebob and Patrick riding on a cat through space. I wanted to get it, but it was too expensive! Haha! I love the activities we have! They are super fun! 
I cant think of anything else that happened this week!

Love Y'all!
Elder Andersen
 After our Lesson at The Cano's House...
The superhero Gang...

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