Monday, January 13, 2014

Letter # 33

Hola Famila,
Pues porque papa empieza su carta en espanol yo necesito hacer el
mismo. Gracias por todas cartas que me enviaron. me ayuda mucha este
semana porque este semana fue muy estressando y muy duro y todo. pero
horita estoy contento con todos bendicions que mi padre celestial me
ha dado.

Here's the translation for the first paragraph:
"Well, because Dad started his letter in Spanish, I need to do the same. 
Thanks for all the letters that you have sent me.  They helped me a lot this
week because this week was very stressing and very hard and all.  But
right now I am content with all the blessings that my Father in Heaven has
given me."

My spelling in Spanish isn't as good, it's just like my English. haha! Like I
said this week was a little hard because Elder Bushman was sick for 2 days! 
We couldn't go out and I felt like we have done nothing this week.  So the
devil is getting to me and telling me I'm not doing enough! But this week
will change; we got some Hispanic home remedies for his sickness and he is feeling a lot
better. Haha.

This week was cool because we had out quarterly Mission President
interviews. When we talked and he asked, "How is your Spanish coming?"
and I said, "Pretty good; I can talk to everyone. Of course, I have a lot
to learn but I am pretty good." Then he is like, "So pretty much you are
going to train." And my eyes got big and was like whaaaattt?!?! And then
he asked me...  "If your companion got hit by a train would you be able to
train new missionaries?" And I was like, "Yeah, I would be able to. I just
feel like I'm super young. Normally missionaries don't train until they are
over a year in the mission; so that is why I'm like holy why so soon!" He didn't
specify when, but he said I will train soon. So that will be a big
responsibility! I am excited to do it. When I am with younger missionaries,
 I do better with speaking Spanish anyway!! :p

Cool story:
So the Hispanics don't celebrate Christmas (very sad huh?). They celebrate
Dia de los Magos or Day of the Wise Men. That is when the wise men visited Jesus.
It is always January 6th, so this year we went to the Amezquitas
house for it because they invited us over. We learned about a new tradition; 
they have this big circle bread (see picture below) and they have 3 little plastic 
babies baked into the bread. When you are eating the bread, if you get one of the
 babies in your piece you have to pay for this feast that they do on February 2nd.
Of course they included us, they made the missionaries do it! Luckily I didn't get the baby
Jesus. So whenever someone gets it, they start screaming and become upset because
they have to pay for part of the party! HAHA! The bread was really good!!
After, we shared the manger scene with them. We told them about the wise men
that came and adored the baby Jesus. It was sweet to be able to show them
the story, so they could see where their tradition kinda comes from.

I love ya'll and keep up all your good work :)
Love Elder Andersen

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