Monday, September 29, 2014

Letter #70

Hey family,
This week was really good too! :) We baptized Yolanda, the coolest Miracle ever! It was a good baptism! The Zone Leader that interview her said she cried the whole interview, and that she was super excited for her baptism! He also told us that she said she wanted me to baptize her because I have more muscles them the other Elders! Haha! So I guess those 4 years of football paid off! :p ahah

Sadly, we did not get to baptize Jose Luis. He had work this week on the day of the interview, and then when we went to his house on Sunday he was also working. I have to admit it was a little weird, I think he might of been avoiding us... I hope not, and I have faith he was working and he will get baptized this upcoming week :)

This week we got a "shout-out" from our Mission President in the weekly letter to all the missionaries! It was cool except he spelled my name wrong :( Hahah
he said:

"Dear Elders and Sisters,
Miracles happen every day in our mission!  I thought that I would start this morning by sharing one with you.  Elder Anderson and Elder Jarvis in Houston 8 South have been baptizing regularly including each of the last three weeks.  They had been trying for months to get an appointment with a woman by the name of Yolanda for weeks.  When they finally did last Sunday (she had attended church with a friend for a while), she was ready for the gospel.  They were able to teach her all the lessons this past week, and she was baptized yesterday!  God is in this work.  He is preparing people.  They are out there.  We just need to get God’s help to find them when their hearts are right."

It was a cool thing to read, and I like where the Lord Is preparing his people, it's nothing we are doing but the Lord is in charge and he is blessing us with these people to teach and baptize!

This week I went on an exchange with Elder Romero (bike area) he is from El Salvador so it was cool to talk in Spanish for the whole day! One thing that our President has asked us to work on is our "Chirst-like Attributes". This week I choose humility! Every house we went into they are like... "Look at this gringo!" then I talk to them, and they all say I have perfect Spanish! I am thinking "No I don't, it is not that good!" and then Elder Romero told me "No Elder, you have the best Spanish in this Zone other than the Hispanic Elders!" the same thing  happened in every single lesson, and almost every person we talked to complemented me on my Spanish. I would say it is not that good, but that I am still practicing. Then Elder Romero comes in and says that I am amazing! It is weird how the Lord works in those ways to help you practice humility! A girl at church told me yesterday that I was handsome. Then my companion told me that everyone hits on me and has a crush on me! It is hard being humble with all these blessings! Haha I'm sorry I had to say that! I get it from Dad! He always tells me that he is the one of the most humble guys he knows! haha! 

This week has been full of miracles! I can't Thank everyone for all you do for me and all the prayers! I know this is the true church, and that the Book of Mormon is the most true book on the planet! It helps us come closer to God! Studying Christ-like attributes makes me feel like I am worthless because I don't think I have any of them, but as we try we receive grace day by day!

I love y'all!
Elder Andersen
P.S. Don't mind my nasty white feet in the picture :p

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