Monday, September 22, 2014

Letter #69

Hey Family,
Dad thanks for that! I was reading that of course, and I was crying. That seems like a good song, I have not heard it! (My Dad sent the words to "In the Hollow of thy Hand " in his letter to Preston. One song you and Mom should listen to is called "Bless my Son". It is on "The Work" by Nashville Tribute Band! You should listen to that one. Whenever I hear it I picture you and Mom praying for me! Hahah! It is a good and humbling song! It reminded me of the lyrics you put up! Super sweet song!

Last week we went to the Zoo! I got so many pictures, you will see them all when I send my card home! It was really cool and huge!

This week Fanny got baptized! Oh man was it a wonderful experience! Brother Cano (my recent convert that I baptized about 2 months ago) was able to baptize his sister in law! It was the coolest thing to see my recent convert baptize his family and another one of my converts! When I saw them walk into the water the biggest smile came to my face! I knew that their lives are changed for good, and it felt good that I was a part of helping them. We did the confirmations there, and Fanny said that her knees wouldn't stop shaking when she received that confirmation. Then she said that she felt this overwhelming peace come to her! After the baptism, the Bishop came up to them and congratulated them. Brother Cano said that this was the most amazing experience he has ever had! Hearing that from him really put some tears in my eyes! I am able to see the Atonement of Jesus Christ work in them, and I see such a change!

After the baptism Sister Cano was talking a lot about her son coming from Columbia and that she hopes that Brother Cano will baptize him. That will be a dream come true for the family and me!!!!!! I hope that works out for them!

With that baptism, there were three other 8 years old getting baptized along with Fanny. We taught all the kids the lessons (Apparently the Hispanics wants the missionaries to teach them all the lessons, not them.) Haha. So this last month we have been helping out 3 family's to got their kids ready for baptism. :) It was a wonderful experience. Like always, Hispanics don't know how to plan; so I had to reserve the building and get all the clothes ready and get everything put together. It was fun doing it though! I feel like I will be a lot more responsible after my Mission because I have to pick up all the slack of these Hispanics! :p hahah
So this week we had a miracle (see below) we should be baptizing Jose Luis from Bogota Columbia! I hope everything goes good for him this week!

Here is an insert I sent my Mission President which talks about "The Miracle" of the week!
We had a Miracle this week with one of our baptism dates; Yolanda. The first time we taught her we extended a baptism date, and when I was thinking about a date, September 28th just stuck out in my mind. I second guessed it thinking that it was to close and with it being 2 weeks away and that we were only able to meet with her on weekends. I ended up extending the 12th of October. After the lesson, Elder Jarvis and I were thinking, and we decided that she could do it on the 5th of October. We prayed about it, and we knew she can do that date! Then we saw her at the "Fiestas Patrias" and Elder Jarvis was talking to her and told her that we have been praying about her and we think she can get baptized on the 5th of October or possibly the 28th of September. She quickly said she wanted to do it on the 28th! He said "Well, we will have to come over and teach all the lessons soon and then we can do it." She agreed very happily, and is excited to get baptized! We went over on the Sunday before the Baptism date and we taught her all the lessons. At the end, she said the spirit was strong and she knows this is all true! She is all set to be baptized this upcoming week! It was definitely a miracle from the Lord! I have learned so much these last couple weeks about how the Lord blesses us so much, and also about the love he has for us! I know the Lord is Hastening his work and we are just tools in his hands!

Thanks for all y'all do for me :) I love you all! The picture I am attaching shows the baptism we just had with Fanny with Brother Cano baptizing her! MAN... a wonderful experience it was for me!

Love, Elder Andersen

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